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The umbrella term "Consultancy" covers many areas of our work but the common denominator is advice to clients based on experience, research and detailed market knowledge.  

For example, office developers get us involved with projects from day one;  we often assist with site acquisition/assembly and work closely with the project architect to ensure the design meets the exact requirements of occupiers in terms of floorplate size, layout and specification. 

This is not rocket science but many developers instruct their architects to simply maximise the amount of floorspace and the quality and flexibility of the space is not given enough consideration.  The result is less occupier demand, lower rents and reduced development profit.

Another major area of our consultancy work is acquisitions.  Even clients with full time acquisition surveyors appreciate that our contacts and detailed market knowledge provides access to "off market" opportunities and the ability to negotiate extremely attractive deals.

The consultancy work we undertake also includes:

  • identifying & implementing active management opportunities to improve a property's rental income and capital value
  • appearing as an expert witness on property issues in the Valuation Tribunal and High Court
  • advice on the release of restrictive covenants

If there is any aspect of our consultancy service you would like to discuss, please contact Nick Rose on 028 9031 6745 or Tom MacLynn on 028 9031 6743.