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Landlord & Tenant

A core area of our business is rent reviews and lease renewals.

There is a perception amongst some landlords and tenants that these issues do not need the involvement of a surveyor but this is a false economy. 

We come across agreements all the time where one party has not been professionally advised and the rent has been agreed far too high or far too low as a result. 

Dealing with rent reviews and lease renewals is a technical discipline that requires specialist knowledge, thorough research, an extensive database of rental information and a detailed understanding of property legislation and case law.

We take a pro-active approach to ensure that the review or renewal is resolved as quickly as possible, either by agreement or (if necessary) taking it to arbitration, independent expert or the Lands Trubunal.

Most importantly, we are renowned for our dogged determination to acheive the very best results for our clients.

If there is any aspect of our landlord & tenant service you would like to discuss, please contact Nick Rose on 028 9031 6745 or Tom MacLynn on 028 9031 6743.