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Rating appeals are a core area of our business and we are acknowledged to be one of the leading firms, if not the leader, in the field.

Our rating clients range from local entrepreneurs to multi-national companies who trust us to ensure that the rates they pay are kept as low as possible.

We handle a large number of appeals on a wide range of commercial properties each year and have a huge database of information that is used to achieve the very best results for our clients.

Most importantly, we are renowned for fighting our client's corner and do not shy away from taking a case to the Lands Tribunal in Belfast or the Valuation Tribunal in Dublin when justified by the likely financial saving.

Apart from dealing with appeals on a day-to-day basis, we are actively involved in discussions on how the efficiency and fairness of the rating system can be improved for the benefit of all ratepayers.

If there is any aspect of our rating service you would like to discuss, please contact Nick Rose on 028 9031 6745 or Tom MacLynn on 028 9031 6743.